This post is part of the "The Art & Science of Drawing" series.

The Art & Science of Drawing - Ending the series

image gonvalhector - Tuesday, October 06, 2020

I haven’t been consistent with my posting in general, but The Art & Science of Drawing External Link series has been a particularly rough ride.
The way I’ve approached the class now has perhaps been even worse than the first time around. There have been many, many weeks in-between posts, and those posts have been done out of a nonexistent obligation to nonexistent readers. I ended up just writing what was taught in the class, step by step, instead of my impressions and personal experience using the techniques I’ve learned from it. And I feel as if that is not only disrespectful towards Mr. Brent Eviston External Link, but is also doing such a wonderful class a great disservice.

Let me reiterate this again, The Art & Science of Drawing External Link over on Skillshare External Link is a masterclass on how to draw. Go check it out, nonexistent reader. This is not a sponsored post, or series of posts, or anything like that. I just truly appreciate the way Mr. Brent Eviston External Link has managed to articulate the things he’s learned through the years and that he’s taught so many people. It helps beginners in art education, like myself, a whole lot. I don’t feel okay just putting out there something I didn’t come up with, as if they were my conclusions, when I could have focused instead on what I personally took from it.

As of now, the previous posts from the series will stay up, but I may remove them in the future.
I’m not going to give up on trying to share a little bit here and there of what I’ve learned, but when I do go back to these types of posts, I’ll try to focus on my ideas and impressions, as opposed to whatever type of step by step guide I was doing here. I will just show what works for me.