Date of creation: May 07, 2023
Repository: On GitHub External Link
Programming Language: Python


nu2gallery External Link is a Python tool that writes a new Markdown file with metadata necessary to display an image post for External Link.
The site utilizes Jekyll External Link as its Static Site Generator, which uses MD files with Front Matter External Link for its posts. Image posts, as I implemented them for the gallery, contain many variables in its front matter that are then used by a template to display them as HTML pages.
There was a lot of time-consuming copy-pastying used in the first few image posts I made for the site, so I ended up writing a little Python program that would streamline that process.
That program became outdated and hard to update when newer features were implemented for the image posts, so writing a similar tool that could be easily updated, mantained and expanded upon turned into a priority. This became nu2gallery External Link.